Complete the Project with Natural Stone

Whether you are a landscape architect envisioning a space that is both functional and beautiful, or have been contracted to turn a design plan into a reality, we’re happy to work with you from quoting to delivery.

NOTE: Because we specialize in supplying stone for a wide range of landscape applications, most orders require lead time for the selection and processing of the stone project.


Behind the Installation

We work with the stone to prepare it for the project...

Dressed stone

Stone is hand-selected for the right thickness and split to dimension the stone and create a more uniform shape for easier installation.

Sawn Stone

The selected stones are sawn on the edges to create a more brick-like product that can be installed with tight seams.

Oversized Deliveries

Sometimes the design requires stone that is difficult to move. We’ve helped move and arrange special placement for statement-making stones.

Special Touches

From preparing stone for signage to creating custom inukshuks, we’ve helped our clients bring specialty projects to life.